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In the first few months of 2013, there were more than 70 tornadoes in Oklahoma. These tornadoes caused extensive damage to real and personal property. Winds, rain, flooding, pelting hailstorms and lightning wreaked havoc on homes, buildings and all kinds of property. Thankfully, a large number of homeowners, renters and commercial property have insurance policies with tornado coverage. Unfortunately, however, insurance companies often avoid paying policyholders the amounts that they are entitled to under the terms of their policies. If you feel an insurance company took advantage of you and did not pay what they should have, four highly experienced and knowledgeable law firms – McIntyre Law, P.C., Foshee & Yaffe, McDonald Law Firm and Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison P.C. – have joined forces to help Oklahoma tornado victims obtain the insurance compensation they deserve.

tornado_icon“Bad Faith” Insurance Conduct:

When an insurance company avoids paying fair compensation or otherwise does not act in good faith, they are said to be acting in “bad faith”. Bad faith insurance conduct includes the following:

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Despite their extensive advertising and promises to treat the policyholder fairly, it is well known that insurance companies often offer lowball, insufficient settlement amounts. The attorneys at our firms have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and we aggressively represent clients who have been treated unfairly. When we contact your insurance company, they know they are dealing with professionals and in most instances they are far more likely to offer a reasonable and fair settlement amount. If they do not, we will not hesitate to take them to court. Cases are taken on a consignment basis and there are no legal fees unless we successfully settle, resolve or win your case. To schedule a free case, call us at (877)568-8315.

Four law firms: McDonald Law Firm, Foshee & Yaffe, McIntyre Law and Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison, P.C.
have joined forces to provide superior legal representation to Oklahoma tornado victims
who have been subjected to bad faith conduct by their insurance companies.

Your Oklahoma Storm Damage insurance claim deadline is fast approaching. We can help.

Many insurance policies in Oklahoma have a provision that requires a policyholder to commence an action of a dispute with their claim within one (1) year of the date of loss. For many Oklahomans, that date is as early as May 19-20, 2014.

Insurance companies have denied claims or made unacceptably low offers to hundreds of home and business owners in Oklahoma. If you or someone you know has a pending insurance claim affected by the storms from last May, call us today. You have limited time to protect what is rightfully owed to you.

Your claim could be lost, act now. Call us at (877)568-8315 or complete the form to the right. We offer a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case and review possible options. Cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis, which means that there are no legal fees unless we resolve your case favorably.

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